Last updated: January 01, 2021

How Gemstones Work?


Gemstones have been used for millennia to heal and bring balance. Gemstones embody concentrated energy. With their powerful energies and profound resonance with the human body, they are perfect healing energy tools for us. Gemstones use the body’s inherent healing force to nourish and heal us in various ways. Each gemstone embodies a unique energy that can focus and amplify the healing force to uplift our mental and physical health.

Gemstones work through resonance and vibrations. Every human body has an aura and vibration of its own, the same way gemstones also have auras and vibrations, and the interaction between the energy of gemstones and the energy of humans can affect our vibrations. Using gemstones helps us modulate our energetic signature, which can bring about various types of healing. Vibrations of gemstones can change the frequency at which we vibrate.



We know that all matter on Earth has a vibrational frequency. Vibration is important to who we are, the energy we emit, and the way we relate to one another. We even use a slang term for someone with whom we feel an instant affinity, saying we “vibe” with that person. This is very true, as a creature of energy, we tend to attract people, situations, and objects that vibrate at a frequency similar to our own.

However, our vibration varies from day to day and from situation to situation, depending on the number of factors such as our mood or emotions, what we drink and eat, our self-care activities, careers, and other activities. As a human tendency, we are often lighting quick with mood changes and inconsistent in our habits, so our vibrations rise and fall. Lower vibration tends to lead to less comfortable or painful situations, while higher vibrations help us attract the positive changes we want in our lives.

Unlike humans, gemstones maintain a consistent vibration. Because of their crystalline structure, most vibrate at relatively high levels. Wearing or carrying or keeping gemstone can tune our vibrations to a higher level, which can elevate our mood, focus, health, and to live a fulfilling life.



The tradition of using color for health and well-being has been practiced since ancient times, and the vibrant colors of gemstones are one of the most potent aspects of their healing power. Science has proven that we are profoundly affected both physically and emotionally by the colors that surround us, and on a metaphysical level, our chakra system is strongly energized and activated by a specific color. Crystals provide one of the easiest ways to add bright and organic pops of color into our homes and workplaces, and will change your mood and energy with their uplifting rainbow hues.



Why use gemstones and crystals for healing?

Gemstones regularly manifest their magic in what can be called a ‘subtle’ form, similar to other holistic healing. To better understand the concept of subtle healing, imagine the difference between drinking a glass of wine and taking vitamins. After just a few sip of wines you feel unmistakably altered; however, the effect is fleeting and (fortunately) not long term. In contrast, when you pop a vitamin you feel no difference immediately, and you may even begin to wonder whether taking vitamins is effective. Take those medicines daily, however, and one day you suddenly realize “Wow, I just feel so much better! That issue which was bothering me earlier, I even haven’t had thought about it lately.” Almost without you noticing, things have subtly – yet very unmistakably – shifted within you.

Gemstone healing often works in such a way, subtle yet deep, long-term magic. However, many people have also experienced breathtakingly spontaneous and unexplainable moments of gemstone healing. So advice could be: Keep your mind and heart open to limitless possibility, and you will be amazed by what manifests around and within you.