Last updated: January 01, 2021


SIZE CHART for bracelet

Customized sizing for your perfect fit

Whether you have a small wrist or a large wrist, we’ve got you covered. All beaded bracelets are made to order so you can rest assured that your beaded bracelets are specifically tailored for you. Now you just need to figure out what size is best for you.

Steps to a custom-tailored fit for beaded bracelets

  • Order by wrist size. We want to know your wrist size and not your bracelet size. In order to fit nicely, your bracelet size will always be a little bit bigger than your actual wrist size.
  • Measure your wrist.You can do this by using a measuring tape. If you don’t have this at home, you can use anything flexible like a piece of paper or a piece of string, as long as you have a ruler at home.
  • Bracelet Fit.Do you prefer the bracelet to be tight around your wrist, without the possibility of moving? Or do you prefer it a little loose so it can move a little bit and your wrist has some breathing room? Make sure to note “loose” or “tight” at checkout.

With a tape measure: 
Wrap the tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear your GemOorja bracelet. Make sure the tape measure is close to the hand, below the wrist bone where you would normally wear your bracelet. Pull the tape measure tightly, but without cutting off your blood circulation, around your wrist. Write down the size which is indicated where the tape measure meets the 0. The size can either be in inches or cm.

If you don’t have a tape measure: 
As long as you have a ruler, you can use anything flexible such as a piece of paper or a piece of string. Wrap the piece of paper/string around the wrist you are planning to wear your GemsOorja bracelet on. Make sure it is close to the hand, below the wrist bone where you would normally wear your bracelet. Pull the paper/string tightly and make sure to mark your size.  Lay the paper/string flat on a table next to the ruler.  This is your size.

If the bracelet is a gift: If the bracelet you are buying is a present and you don’t know the actual wrist size of the person who will receive the bracelet, you can measure the size of another bracelet the person already has. Lay this bracelet flat on the table and measure it with a ruler. The size you just measured is the bracelet size, which is always a bit bigger than the actual wrist size. It is very important that you include “bracelet size” in the wrist size note at checkout.

By making sure these steps are done, our production team will be able to calculate the correct bracelet size and the bracelet will not turn out bigger or smaller than necessary.  If you have any questions, please email us at, and together we will try and figure out what the bracelet size should be.


Bead Necklace Chart for Women and Men

We mostly make 108 bead mala plus guru bead, which measures around 42″ in circumference and will hang below the navel when worn around the neck.

If you would like a shorter necklace (that will not have 108 beads) you can also order these sizes:

26″ which will hang to the mid-chest.
30″ which will hang to about solar plexus level.
36″ hangs to about the belly button.
42″ 108 bead mala which will hang below the navel and can also be doubled around the neck.